PBL 2016-2017

Holland Elementary School 2nd & 3rd grade students chose to research the history of Holland. The entry event for their unit was a visit to the Holland Historical Society. They asked questions and took notes:

The final product was a book written for children about the history of Holland. Students presented to the community and sold books for $5 to raise money for the Holland Historical Society.

Pre-schoolers answered the driving question: "How can I keep my body healthy?"

To learn about growth, students planted bean seeds and measured plants each week.

Second and third graders researched animal habitats. They answered the driving question, "As biologists, what habitat can we recommend for an animal we are studying?" The students presented their learning to the kindergarten and first graders.

Grades four through six answered the driving question, "How can we make our community stronger?" Students researched elements of communities, built model communities, and are deciding what could benefit the Holland community the most.

The Kindergarteners and first graders answered the driving question, "Why are farms important to me?" After a series of lessons and brainstorming sessions, students wrote informational books to share at the Ag-way store.

Students write books about farms.