May 2015  
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Holland Elementary School is dedicated to the development of character, competence, and a sense of community for all.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Dear Families,


We have had a great week back, and it is warm in our building with new windows and a newly insulated roof.  The new construction has certainly gotten tested this week!  Our students have also been tested - both figuratively and literally - as teachers continue to set high expectations in both academics and social behaviors.   All our students have just been reassessed in spelling and reading and new instructional groups are being formed with that information.  Teachers are also revisiting the hopes and dreams that students created at the beginning of the school year and are allowing time for them to identify new ones for the remainder of the year.  And as always, we continue to revisit, model, and identify positive expectations and productive routines that allow us all to establish good work habits.


Mrs. Messier is settling in with the fourth and fifth graders, and they with her.  With this group moving into being a more self-contained classroom, they now have a consistent person throughout their day to help establish clear expectations and routines.  I am glad to welcome Mrs. Messier to our school community. 


We have several projects, programs, and ideas for activities in the works.  The sixth graders will be going skiing two or three times this year at Jay Peak.  Ms. Nikki has been trying to coordinate this and will have more information from Jay next week.  Their ability to schedule us has been hampered by their need to reschedule other schools due to poor weather conditions.


On January 24, we will be hosting a musical jamboree similar to that held at our Open House and Harvest Dinner.  Ms. Deanna is organizing this again.  We are encouraging people who want to play to come with their fiddles, harmonicas, guitars, spoons, or whatever instrument you use to play old-time music.  What better way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon in the Northeast Kingdom?   The sound absorbing material is now on the gymnasium walls.  Come see how this new building feature adds to the enjoyment of the productions in our gymnasium.


Please send your children with the following each day:

  • Proper outdoor clothing including shoes for indoors

  • A water bottle that doesn’t crinkle

  • A healthy snack

  • Your child may be one who needs Chapstick.  Many of our children experience very chapped lips this time of year that cause them a lot of pain and distraction during the day


    One of the routines that teachers are reestablishing with students is the use of their homework folders and assignment books.  Please look for these each day.  As always, please be in contact with your student’s teacher or me if you have questions or concerns.


    Have a great weekend,

    Mrs. Dean